26 June 2006

Life Is Work

In the run-up to the Prime commission I began to consider in more detail the notion of 'work'. There were a number of incidents that made me question the concept of 'work' and how we spend our time.

On Saturday 6 May, whilst enjoying an Indian meal at The Chand on Mansfield Road I entered into a discussion about the notion of 'spare time' with my fellow diners: Niki Russell, Stuart and Anna (AAS), Lucy Gibson, and Kathy Fawcett (Leicester City Art Gallery).

The discussion was bought about because Niki Russell's current performance / installation at Moot Gallery was based on the premise that he only performs in his 'spare time'.

I questioned whether there was any such thing as 'spare time' for artists. This question was in no doubt triggered by the particular type of practice that I have undertaken for the last five years, in which I collected vast amounts of data about my everyday routines. But as I asked it, I had a sudden realisation that I actually considered everything that I did in my life as 'work'.

I did not differentiate between: paid employment, reading, writing emails, shopping, washing, going to the cinema or viewing art. It was all work, they were all ways of spending time, distractions, they were all simply means to an ends.

Work is work, leisure is work, life is work.