26 June 2006

Pre Prime Enthusiasm

When I was first approached by Steven Renshaw to take part in 'Part-time' I jumped at the chance. The idea of having a reason to get a 'normal job' and becoming a 'normal person' really appealed to me. At that time (February 2006), I was approaching the end of what had then been a two year project called Day-to-Day Data.

At several points during the process of curating Day-to-Day Data, editing the publication and making work for the show I had become very angry and disillusioned with the 'art world', I fantasised about the idea of 'giving up art' and joining the real world with a nine-to-five job.

So Prime first appealed to me as the pure escapism - the perfect antidote to two years' worth of Day-to-Day Data.

I was teaching at Nottingham Trent University up until the end of June. So from the very beginning I planned to undertake my work for Prime for four weeks directly following the end of term. This would be 26 June - 23 July. I had to find a job before that, so that I could start work on the very first day of the project.