27 June 2006

Return Of The Laptop

The second day of the recording process started more brightly, as I waited with baited breath for my laptop to arrive home. I began the day by working out the different categories I would use to define the different activities that I carried out and the recorded. This was a way of rationalising the process and making it more realistic for me to maintain for a full four week period.

Afterwards I made a list of all the procedures that I planned to carry out on my laptop as soon as it arrived home. I kept wondering when it would arrive. I then spent the best part of the rest of the day pacing about the flat, staring out the window, on the phone, trying to work out exactly when the laptop would be delivered.

After several calls to Evesham, to the repair centre and eventually to the couriers I was finally able to ascertain that it would arrive between 15:00 - 15:30. I could then relax. I passed the time preparing for my interview at E.ON the next day, and working out what I needed to buy, when my friend Verity took me on a long awaited trip to Ikea on Thursday.

At 15:37 the phone went, it was the courier with the laptop. I set it up on my desk and leapt straight onto it, declared my love for it, kissed it and then transferred all my files back onto its beautiful shiny hard drive. I tinkered on the laptop until it was time to go out.

We went to Dan and Ako's house for dinner that evening. We sat around the table chatting and eating whilst France thrashed Spain in the second round of the World Cup. Dan laughed when I told him I was recording everything I did for four weeks, I would have thought he was used to my antics by now.

When I got home I went straight back on the laptop. I had become obsessed with collecting Panini World Cup 2006 stickers. I had set up an email swapping circle with friends and family who were also collecting. I spent hours updating the 'swapsies spreadsheet' working out exactly which stickers I required from Flo, Edward and Tam. I stayed up until 01:28 on Wednesday morning.