29 June 2006

Biting The Bullet

Today was a very productive day for all aspect of life. I got up at 7:00 and packed my stuff to go to Labour Ready and register. I needed my National Insurance card, my Passport and two proofs of my address.

I was greeted by Alan, the man who had the hideous job of opening up at 5:30 everyday of the week. He gave me my registration forms and a Health and Safety quiz to answer. There was so much small print to read that it took me nearly an hour to complete the forms. One of the dodgiest bits was the 'Travel Agreement' that you had to sign. It stated that if Labour Ready transported you to your place of work then the cost of travel would be deducted from your wages. I made a mental note to use my bike or public transport if at all possible, but as of yet, I had no idea where they might end up sending me.

The thing I liked about Labour Ready though, was the lack of obligation you have to them or any of your employees (after your day's work). If I want to work I have to sign in between 5:30 - 8:00 that morning. If I don't sign in I have no obligation to work - absolutely no strings attached.

The Health and Safety quiz was nearly all to do with manual labour - PPE (personal protective equipment), working on building sites and industrial factories etc. I answered questions about handling dangerous chemicals and climbing ladders, finding the answers one-by-one in the handbook Alan had leant me. Once registered I intended to return first thing in the morning Monday 3 July.

When I got home, I immediately began creating the Timeline spreadsheet in Excel, which I decided to dub the 'Prime Time' spreadsheet. I had the wind beneath my sail and ploughed through the data I'd been collecting since Monday in my Log Book, entering the activities I had performed one-by-one.

At 10:30 I met Verity and we went on a trip to Ikea in her car - something we had been planning to do together for several months. I bought a white blind for the studio, shelves for Jon's office, some magazine and box files, and some pieces of wood so that I could make alterations to some existing furniture that I had.

In the afternoon and evening I worked on the Prime Time spreadsheet. No football meant that I could get much more done. At 22:30 we began assembling Jon's shelves.