01 July 2006

England Vs Portugal

Today started productively with 60 lengths swimming, followed by a good hour's work on the laptop updating the Prime Time spreadsheet.

The positive mood was shattered when a letter arrived on the door mat from E.ON. They had rejected me. It read 'you have been assessed in relation to your skills and experience and unfortunately after careful consideration of these factors, I am sorry to inform you that you have not been successful on this occasion'. The letter also read that 'if you would like further feedback, please telephone me on the number above'.

Having got so excited about the prospect of becoming a meter installation worker, this had come as quite a disappointment. It also did little for my confidence. I am not known for my good track record with job interviews. In fact I have been rejected from the last four I've had. I've not yet been able to work out exactly what is wrong with my technique. Possibly it's something to do with my inability to feign enthusiasm for jobs that my heart is not set on. Maybe this comes across, maybe I just answer the questions all wrong.

They had asked me at the very end of the E.ON interview whether I as driving home, to which I answered 'no I'm catching the bus, I don't have a car'. As soon as I'd said it I became paranoid that this was a test to see if I was just after the job for the free vehicle that they would give me. That's so unfair I thought, I didn't even know there was a vehicle involved until I turned up to the hotel room.

Their kind offer of feedback meant I finally had a chance to find out what went wrong. At the start of next week I would make it my mission to call E.ON and to receive a full explanation on just why I failed to meet their criteria.

After this disappointment I began on a bit of therapeutic cleaning in preparation for our guests arriving to watch the England match at 16:00. I cleaned the whole flat; the toilet, shower and bathroom, hovering everywhere. By 15:00 I was sat on the sofa ready to watch the pre-match build up to the England vs Portugal game.

Jon's little brother Alex and Dan came round to watch the match. It was an extremely tense and emotional few hours, Rooney was sent off and England finally lost on penalties.

The rest of the day was spent sitting on the sofa, watching Brazil lose to France, then watching some Larry David and the beginning of the Paul Auster film Smoke (leant to me by Steven), but I was too tired to watch the end.