02 July 2006

Eye Test

Also a bright and productive start to the day. 50 lengths swimming followed by a long overdue (4 years) visit to the opticians for an eye test and to choose two new pairs of glasses in the Specsavers two-for-one deal. One normal pair and one black and red frames. When I returned to the flat Jon's parents had arrived (for Jon's dad's birthday). We all went out for a meal in town. In the evening I went to the studio to install the blind I had bought in Ikea. We had salad for dinner and then I attempted to get an early night in preparation for my early morning debut at Labour Ready.

Week One Final Hours Slip

At the end of the Part-time project I designed a 'Final Hours Slip', as a pastiche on the familiar 'Pay Slip' received by employees after a week or a month's work. A Final Hours Slip has been produced for each of the weeks I took part in Part-time. I used the data collected on my Prime Time spreadsheet to calculate the exact duration I spent performing different activities related to the project.