04 July 2006

I Got Hired

Today I got a job! The day started with a site seeing tour of Nottingham with Joanna. First to Labour Ready, where I waited cagily on the other side of the street, while Joanna photographed the building inside and out (all the photographs featured on this blog of Labour Ready are hers).

Then to the Ice Stadium, with the Torvill & Dean bar, followed by a walk through the Lace Market into the city centre. We went to the Nottingham Information Centre and bought souvenirs, I asked if they had any jobs and was told to check the Evening Post (the local newspaper). We then headed off towards Nottingham Castle.

En route I bought a copy of the Evening Post and discovered that the main 'Recruitment' section was published on a Wednesday - mental note made. We then walked past another agency called Manpower on Old Market Square. They had a notice in the foyer advertising 'Data Entry - Immediate Starts - Call in or Ring'. Joanna suggested that I wasn't smart enough today to call in (I agreed), so I took down the number to call later that day.

We then went to The Tales of Robin Hood, to the Castle and then back home for lunch. At home I called Manpower and left my details about the data entry job. I walked Joanna down to the station and said goodbye to her on the train.

A minute later my phone rang - it was Manpower. Not entirely good news, they told me that the data entry jobs had been delayed. They didn't know when they were going to start but would get back to me, if they needed me. Feeling a bit jaded by this point, I called into TK Maxx for a browse. While I was in the changing rooms, trying on some clothes I didn't really like, my phone rang again. It was Janine from Barker Ross, she offered me a job in an office for a company called Gleeds. I was to start the very next day at 9:00. Janine said she would call me back to confirm all the details later.

It felt as though a huge wait had been lifted off my shoulders. I decided to buy one of the items I had tried on and then headed straight into H&M to buy myself a 'smart outfit' suitable for the office. I bought some black trousers and a red short sleeve shirt. I didn't want to be too hot in the office but needed to look smart. I suddenly started to panic about what people would think of me and how they would judge me by what I was wearing.

When I got home I spoke to Janine again. She had all the details: the address and even the exact bus numbers I needed to catch, where the bus stops were and what time they left - I couldn't believe my luck! I spent the evening working on various spreadsheets - updating Prime Time, but also spending an unbelievable two hours on my Panini World Cup 2006 swapsies spreadsheet. I watched bits of the semi final Italy vs Germany, which was 2 - 0 at extra time.