06 July 2006

Filing Frenzy

This was my second day as an office temp. Last night I slept the whole night through without waking (the first time since the recording process began). I got up at 7:00 again, catching the early bus so that when I arrived I had time to spend a few minutes taking photos of the Gleeds building from outside. It was the same bus driver on the No.2 as yesterday, which made me think he must do the same run everyday at the same time - this it what having a routine is all about.

Today I felt I was becoming one of them, no longer an 'undercover artist', but now just a regular office bod. At lunch I sat in the staff room again, a fellow worker was in there too, we had a brief chat to pass the time. For the office worker lunch is an opportunity to have 'free time' or to relax. Despite becoming one of them, I was still of the mentality that lunch was an opportunity to catch up on other things one should be doing. I read Art Monthly - the Mike Nelson review and then all about the Sydney Biennial. I worried about being seen as rude for reading, rather than chatting, but deep down I didn't really care. I was never going to see these people again, at least not after the next week or two had passed. Anyway, there was still some confusion about how long I would be able to work there for.

The previous day, I had been told by Sarah Brown, that they weren't yet sure whether they needed me next week (until Friday 14 July as Janine had initially suggested), but maybe I would only be able to work there until the end of this week. They couldn't let me know until Sunday evening - the very last minute - as it all depended on the return Sally (another temp worker) from her holidays.

All day I continued with my mission to re-file all the emails that had been sent as part of either the Northampton Schools Project or the Northampton School for Girls Project. I had a short break in the middle of the afternoon to do some photocopying.

I quickly developed a trick for taking extra breaks by visiting the toilet. Only a fool would go to the toilet during their lunch break (un-paid), when this could just as easily by done on Gleeds time. I made regular trips to the bathroom, seeing it as a safe haven - a place were I could spend a few minutes catching up on notes in my Log Book.

By the end of the day, an end to the filing was in sight. I really hoped that I would not have to continue with it tomorrow, it was beginning to become a slightly-more-than-tedious task. Sarah let me leave about 10 minutes early (as I had arrived early in the morning), meaning I could catch the 16:55 No.1 bus direct back into town.

That evening I was in a better mood. I came home to an email of rejection from Key Personnel, one of the agencies I had signed up to on Monday 3 July. At least they had acknowledged me, which was more than could be said for the others (except my guardian angels Barker Ross of course).

At 18:14 I had another unexpected call from Alan at Labour Ready, asking if I could work that night. He sounded desperate. I found this really strange for a number of reasons.

Firstly, they are only meant to find work for you on the days that you go in, between 5:30 - 8:00, and sign the register. I hadn't been in since Monday, yet they were still offering me work.

Secondly, Alan is the man who opens up at 5:30 - what on earth was he doing still working there over twelve hours later? I felt very sorry for him. I had to tell him that I had since found a job with another agency and that I wouldn't be able to work that night. I apologised and thanked him for calling.