08 July 2006

Saturday Matinee

The weekend before 'Part-time' began (24 - 25 June), I found myself without a job and desperate to get hold of one. I had my interview with E.ON lined up for Wednesday 28 June but who knew how that would turn out, or when I would be able to start work if I was successful. Back then, I needed to find work fast.

My efforts with the hotel were not paying off. I had called them several times the week before the project to see if they were interested, each time they said they would get back to me. And my CV issuing blitz in shops around town did not leave me feeling particularly hopeful. Then the call came from my Manager James at Broadway Cinema, where I have worked part-time as an usher since November 2003.

I had originally planned not to take on any ushering shifts during the 'Part-time' project as I wanted to be able to focus completely on my 'new job'. However, there I was two days before the project was scheduled to start, desperately trying to find work and with someone on the phone offering me shifts.

I delayed telling him whether I could definitely do the shifts for a day and then tried to get hold of Steven to explain my predicament and to get his advice on the matter. I wasn't able to speak to him as he was on the last weekend of his holiday, so I just decided to go for it and take the shifts. Work is work after all isn't it?

There were five shifts in total all in the week 8 - 15 July, the third week of the Prime project. So today, was my 'first ushering shift' as part of 'Part-time'. Before I headed off to work I had a phone call from Steven, he had been concerned about my job at Gleeds because it was full-time and therefore did not fulfil the specifications for the project. I did my best to explain the 'beggars can't be choosers' situation I was in and told him that actually I might not even be working there next week if Sally (the other temp) returned.

At Broadway, the Saturday matinee was Ice Age 2: The Meltdown. It wasn't very busy, which is always a relief for an usher. I watched the film (one of the perks of the job), it wasn't too amazing but entertaining enough if you are being paid. I enjoyed the fact that the female Woolley Mammoth (voiced by Queen Latifah) was also called Ellie.

I had about a 45 minute break before the next film started so I ate a donut and worked in my notebook - attempting to make an assessment of the first two weeks of the project. I drew a timetable for the four weeks of 'Part-time' so that I was able to easily visualise how much work I had done so far and much I still needed to find to complete my quota.

By the end of the following week's shifts at Broadway (plus the work I'd already done at Gleeds and the day's lecturing at Angel Row Gallery) this would amount to a total of 47 hours work. Leaving me just 33 more hours work to find to meet the target of 80 hours - not too bad

My replacement usher did not turn up on time at 18:30, so I had to leave the cinema unattended when I left and ask the box office to keep an eye on it. We made pizza for dinner and watched the end of Doctor Who and the 3rd Place Play Off match between Germany and Portugal, which Germany won easily.

After that we watched the film Me and You and Everyone We Know on DVD. This film also seemed to have some relevance to 'Part-time'. It is about a struggling artist who works part-time as a taxi driver for the elderly. The story jumps around between her work, the people she encounters, her day-to-day life and how she goes about pursuing her art practice and career. It is interesting to see this sort of life-style (not completely dissimilar to my own) portrayed on film.