09 July 2006

The Grand Finale

I went swimming this morning, and then spent the best part of the day updating spreadsheets. Firstly the Prime Time spreadsheet, which is taking me on average 45-60 minutes each day during the project, then Tea Blog my ongoing web-based project for 2006, The Challenge Series another ongoing project (which requires updating after every time I go swimming and then the dreaded World Cup swapsies spreadsheet. It'll be interesting, at the end of the Prime Time project, to be able to calculate how much time I've wasted on those goddam stickers!

By the time I came to update the Prime Time spreadsheet today I realised that I hadn't worked on it since Thursday evening, meaning that I had a solid two-and-a-half day's data to input. It took me nearly two hours to catch-up. I vowed then to stay on top of things throughout the rest of the project; it really must become a priority to input data on a daily basis.

After that we took a quick trip to Moot Gallery on the skateboard. When we return I sat down and replied to Joanna's email with my thoughts on our Union of Undercover Artists. We needed to post our letter to Steven and Mark Smith at Prime as soon as possible, to inform them that we had unionised. I also put forward the suggestion that we needed a communal email address so that from now onwards we could all communicate with Steven under the guise of Tina Gurley Flynn.

We then watched the World cup final, Zidane scored a penalty and then Italy equalised. In extra time Zidane disgraced himself and was sent off and Italy won the whole thing on penalties - could it be more exciting? After that I watched the highlights of the Men's Wimbledon Final. It was satisfying to see all these things finally finished off - done and dusted. No need for me to waste any more time watching football or tennis matches - phew!

At 18:53 (just 7 minutes before kick off) I received a call from Janine at Barker Ross. It was bad news, they didn't need me to work at Gleeds anymore. Their old temp Sally had return from holiday and wanted her job back. It was a great shame for me, because had I been able to work there for just one more week, I would have come far closer to meeting my quota. Now I found myself job seeking again...

Week Two Final Hours Slip