15 July 2006

Sport Relief

Today I had a bit of rest bite from the frenzied world of job seeking and recruitment. We were registered to take part in the Sport Relief Mile along the Victoria Embankment by the River Trent. We left and walked down to the start line. The race was easier than I anticipated and I completed it in 9 minutes 34 seconds.

When I got home I discovered that the stickers had arrived from the online swapping forum. I was now only expecting one last set to arrive from a collector in Switzerland to push me below the 50-to-go mark, when it would then be possible to send off to Panini for the remaining few.

I was down to do the Saturday Matinee again at Broadway Cinema in Screen 2, normally reserved for a kid's film. It was baking outside so sitting in an air conditioned cinema for a couple of hours was a very relaxing experience. It was a film that I had never heard of before called Eight Below. This is another great thing about being an usher - getting the opportunity to watch films that you may not otherwise have chosen to watch. This turned out to be a great story about a rescue mission to an Antarctican research base in the depths of winter - the seasonal choice.

I finished work at 18:30. That evening I was exhausted. I had an early night. I had been planning, for a few weeks, to do some serious eBaying on Sunday...